About Us

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As travelers and holiday goers, we want worthwhile and hassle-free trips. So, for years we relied on travel agencies and booking sites to find our next destination.

However, due to mass tourism and misleading influencer marketing, prices are rising beyond reasonable and many places are over-crowded. With overwhelming amounts of information, and combined with our FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) created by influencer marketing, we also can’t decide where to go. To book a rewarding trip today feels the same as solving a jigsaw puzzle.

We need a simplistic way to discover fairly priced sustainable destinations. That is what MyOwnSweden is trying to achieve. MyOwnSweden shows the less talked about, honest, sustainable, and more amazing places in Sweden. They are presented in a straightforward way to help you decide and showcased as they truly are, to not exaggerate your expectations. That is why we provide short virtual tours, to let you see how it really is.