Ödevata Countryside Hotel Sweden:
The little paradise in the midst of Småland’s woodlands

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Ödevata: A nature paradise 

In a time when we are becoming more stressed, and free time morphs into work, we long to find a place where we can escape our daily routine and relax. We need to find and take the opportunity to unwind, as well as spend time together with our loved ones.

Ödevata is a place where you will find peace away from your busy lives, and closely experience nature in many different ways. Surrounded by calm lakes, graceful forests, and iconic Swedish red houses, Ödevata is the ideal holiday getaway. It is a place where you can find time for yourself, each other, and to experience the tranquility that nature brings.

Focusing on the future

Ödevata wants to leave a better environment for our future generations. They actively work towards contributing a stable climate, and not just adapt to it. By sharing their experiences and knowledge, they hope to inspire others, and show that it is easy and fun to take responsibility.

Therefore, Ödevata is not just a holiday destination with various activities in a beautiful environment. For Ödevata, sustainability means sustainable environmental, social, economic and cultural development.

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The story of Ödevata 

Ödevata has always been a place filled with passion and stories in Småland wilderness since 1880. Today, Ödevata is a holiday and conference destination with focus on sustainability.

With care, dedication and hard work, the owners (Malin and Magnus) turned Ödevata into what it is today, and offers guests a chance to get to know the Swedish countryside in a unique relaxed way. Not only is Ödevata surrounded by beautiful scenery, but they also offer many different adventures and activities. After all, nature experiences create the best bonding memories.

From weeds to deeds

Malin and Magnus are working hard and passionately to achieve sustainable lifestyle and tourism. They took on the challenge in 2006 when they bought Ödevata, a former penal institution which stood empty and abandoned for nine years. Since then, they have turned Ödevata into an active holiday destination in stunning nature with accommodations of high quality. 

It took Malin and Magnus years to make Ödevata a holiday spot full of life from being an abandoned penal institution. However, they are not stopping there. Their new focus is to become Sweden’s most sustainable guest establishment in Sweden, even in the whole of Europe.

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Adventures and activities

Spend the day canoeing or kayaking in calm lakes and explore the many islands to have a “fika” under the sun. Want to become a true Swede? Rent a rowing boat for the day and go fishing for pike, perch and such, know the meaning of “it is not about the destination, but the journey”.

Or why not hike on one of many hiking trails around Ödevata and immerse yourself in the wonderful nature? Then you can finish the day off with a refreshing swim in the lake. You can even warm up in the floating sauna raft afterwards. What better way to end your day than that? 

Stay how ever you like

Can’t imagine leaving such a gorgeous place? Thinking about staying a night or more? Ödevata offers three different types of accommodation. 

You can stay comfortably in a cozy rustic country hotel room, or stay more secluded in a cabin with a private garden, where you will have the glittering lake right outside your door. If you are traveling through Sweden in a motorhome, Ödevata offers exclusive motorhome pitches right next to the lake. 

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Sustainability as a driving force

There are three main philosophies in their work with sustainability: Reduce carbon dioxide emissions, zero waste and reuse everything. With the help of the “Black gold”, biochar, they successfully developed a self-sustaining heating system, a filter for their aquaponics farm, and other innovative projects. Such as, green roofs grown in biochar.

With the help of their guests, Ödevata is slowing achieving their goal. Small things, such as guests sorting their trash, not wasting food, and buying locally from nearby farms, helps Ödevata to become more sustainable.

What are you waiting for?

Whether you want to go on a relaxed holiday, learn more about sustainable living, experience the iconic Swedish countryside, or simply stay close to nature, Ödevata is the perfect place for you. We can promise you, you will leave Ödevata feeling refreshed in both body and mind. 

Welcome to a paradise in nature!

Chapter 5 of 5: Packages

All-inclusive couples weekend getaway
(2 nights)

Feeling exhausted from work or family? Do you want to rekindle your romance? Then a couple’s weekend getaway trip is in order! Surround yourself in nature and completely relax your body and mind.

Focus on the moment, leave your worries behind. Taking a short break from the hustle and bustle of the big city can be uplifting and even strengthens your relationship.

Enjoy locally sourced food while staying in Ödevata’s comfortable country hotel. Be active together as a couple, hike through Småland woodlands and paddle on lake Ödevaten to explore Sweden for real.

Virtually travel to Sweden! Book a virtual tour

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